13 jun. 2011

13-06-11- III

Dear you,

You're hurting, aren't you? maybe more than you've ever hurt before. It must feel like it is so hard to breathe, to get through the day, to act like you aren't being torn apart.
I know that my words can't take it all away , but i just wanted you to know that i care.I know that's hard to believe coming from me, a stranger, but i promise you it's true. I get it, and i care.
and you are not worthless. You are not alone. Someone somewhere loves you more than you can imagine. And you have so much good left to do in this world, so much to share, so much to see. I promise you, if you just hang on a little more, you'll see that it's worth it.
I know you're hurting, i know you feel lost and scared and that my words alone can't heal the hurt that feel deep inside. But i'm here to tell you that it does get better and that there is always hope, sometime it's just harder to find . But it's there, i promise you , it's there.

A survivor . <3

Esto es para vos, por que se que lo necesitas y tenes que saber que estoy en con vos SIEMPRE.

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